Monday, June 11, 2007


Okay. I've emailed a couple of you and been all "the 13-15th is a good weekend for me, the quiz was wrong! Thinking is for suckers!"

Turns out I was half right. Thinking is indeed for suckers and the 13-15th = no good. So! I have some more questions for you. Isn't this fun?

1. Currently the 27th-29th is the most popular weekend -- does that weekend work for you?

2. What about the 20th-22nd?

3. Do either of those weekends NOT work for you?

4. Did the quiz show up for you in the last post? It didn't for me at work. So if it didn't -- cabin or hotel?

5. Cupcakes: super awesome or totally awesome?


Janice in GA said...

29th is totally out for me. Husband's family goes to Fripp Island in SC, and that's the day we travel there. :( I think I may have work to do the weekend before too. :( :(

HeatherKnits said...

Seconded. 21st could work, but sometime very soon after that I'll be leaving for Kinshasa.

Stick said...

I really can't do either of those weekends. Tim McGraw/Faith Hill concert on the 21st, and my HUGE work event on August 2nd will have me working over time the weekend of the 28th. SO VERY SAD. But I'll keep checking in here so I know what's going on. And I'm more than willing to help with the planning regardless of my own plans.